Tuning Fork TherapyŽ offers the Genesis Tuning Fork

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About the Genesis Tuning Fork


The Genesis Tuning Fork

531 Hz.

When used with other tuning forks, the Genesis tuning fork can cause things to happen. This fork is also used when there is a need to create 'Something.' 

When used with the MI DNA 528 Hz repair fork, the Genesis tuning fork helps to repair damaged portions of DNA. 

The Genesis tuning fork is included in the Kabbalah Tuning Fork set.

The creators of the tuning fork claim that the tuning fork will move bones and joints back into place when they are out of alignment. They also claim that the tuning fork will also repair and rebuild muscles and tissue.

It would be so marvelous if this were true but I have not yet been able to perform any research on this tuning fork. If you have had some successful experiences with the use of this tuning fork please drop me a line so that I can share your story with others.


Cost of Genesis Tuning Fork is $16.99 plus $6.99 postage and handling.  





(To order the Genesis tuning fork WITH a hockey puck click link below)

Cost: $18.99 plus $6.99 postage and handling for U.S. delivery only.



(To order the Genesis tuning fork WITH a large wooden mallet click link below)

Cost: $20.99 plus $7.99 postage and handling for U.S. delivery only.


The Trio Set
Order the Genesis tuning fork, the 528hz tuning fork and the hockey puck together and save postage costs!
Cost of the Trio Set is $43.98 plus $6.99 in the U.S.


Customer Comments 
I've had a set of Kaballah Tuning Forks for some time now minus the information from brother David Paul i.e. Kaballah Reiki Manual, Attunements, etc. and have used the Genesis T/F quite often. About 18 months ago I went to a chiropractor for some back, neck and shoulder pains. After x-rays he said the cause of my problems was due to my rib cage being way out of alignment. He mentioned that this happens to a lot of people with similar problems. After several treatments over the next 6 weeks there was not much improvement. Then one day I pulled out the Genesis T/F from my Kaballah set and used it several times during the next 24 hours around my rib cage area on right side of my body. My rib cage bones completely shifted back into alignment as I could even feel them moving periodically with slight shifting/vibrational jerks. Lo and Behold, no more pain or difficulty breathing. I hope this gives you some useful information on your research and experiments with the Genesis T/F.”

The Genesis Tuning Fork

NOTE: ALL forks, courses, certifications and books are non refundable.

Learn how to use the Genesis Fork in the Tuning Fork Therapy level four book.

Cost of Book is $30.00 plus $4.99 postage in U.S.A.


Save $$$

Order the fork and book together!

Cost of Fork and Book together is $42.99 plus $8.99 postage in U.S.A.


Please Note--Email me for postage to ship order to your country before you place your order