Tuning Fork TherapyŽ offers the Circulation Fork Set

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About the Circulation Tuning Fork

Unweighted tuning fork comes in a blue velvet cover

586 Hz

Use this tuning fork to help you relieve pain and stiffness in your body that is caused by a lack of oxygen flow.

Use this tuning fork will help increase oxygen flow to joints, (which will help to reduce painful joints).

Use this tuning fork will help to increase blood circulation to your body.

Use this tuning fork to help reduce cholesterol in the blood by increasing oxygen in your body.

Will increasing your ciruclation help you to lose weight? Well, isn't that a nice thought?

Cost of Tuning Fork

Cost of unweighted tuning fork is $24.99 plus $7.99 postage in U.S.A.


Please Note--Email me for postage to ship order to your country before you place your order