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About Vibrational Reiki™

Vibrational Reiki is the newest form of energy healing that combines Reiki, Sound and Vibrations into a system of natural healing that is more powerful and healing than any one system is alone.

   *This system contains three levels of training, attunements and certification.

   *This system is trademarked and copyrighted.


Symbols-You will be attuned to 3 symbols that will enhance your body's healing process. These symbols can be used to bring physical, spiritual and emotional healing to your life.





NOTE: ALL forks, courses, certifications and books are non refundable.

However, should a fork arrive damaged, return immediately for a prompt replacement. Do NOT wait more than two weeks after delivery to return defective merchandise as I will not honor the request.

About Vibrational Reiki™ Level One

In Vibrational Reiki™  level one, you will learn:

   *Hand positions for healing self and others

   *The Cleansing Process

   *How to Use Reiki on food, medicine, gemstones, plant and animals

   *How to hold the hands when giving Reiki

   *The Chakra System-discover what secrets each of your chakras hold for you. Find out what happens to your body when a chakra is out       of balance. Learn how to put balance back into your chakra and energy system.

   *Learn how to 'beam' Reiki energy across the room, or across the country.

   *Find out what those energy sensations you are feeling really mean.

   *Learn about tuning forks.

   *Discover how to use tuning forks in a healing session.

   *Learn how to hold, activate and use tuning forks for a variety of things in your everyday life.

   *Learn three symbols and how these symbols can help to heal, ground, balance and protect you.


Cost of ALL THREE Levels (WITHOUT FORKS) is $250 plus $13.99 media mail postage in the United States.



Cost of ALL THREE LEVELS (WITH TUNING FORKS) is $359 plus $13.99 priority postage in the United States.

         There are three levels of training in this healing and wonderful modality.



At each level of training, students will receive attunements to new symbols, learn new techniques and discover new ways to incorporate the healing powers of Reiki, sound and vibration together in the healing system.




All together, this is an unbeatable system of total healing.



When you have completed ALL three levels of training, you will be certified to train others in this healing modality.













Level ONE Certification:

Cost of Level One training

  • $99 plus $8.99 postage in the United States. (no tuning fork)
  • $119 plus $13.99 postage in the United Staes (with tuning fork)


Level One Certification with NO tuning fork. $99 plus $8.99 U.S. postage


Level One Certification WITH the tuning fork. $119 plus $13.99






Level TWO Certification

Cost of Vibrational Reiki™ Level Two Certification

  • $99.00 plus $8.99 postage inside of USA (without Tuning Fork Set)
  • $149 (With Harmonic Student Set and Hockey Puck) plus $12.99 postage in USA.

Cost of Level Two Certification without Forks. $99 Click here.


Cost of Level Two Certification with Harmonic Student Fork Set and Hockey Puck is $149 plus $13.99 postage. Click here.





Level THREE Certification 

Cost of Vibrational Reiki™ Level Three Certification

  • $99.00 plus $8.99 postage inside of USA (without Tuning Fork)
  • $129 (With weighted OM tuning fork) plus $13.99 postage in USA.


Cost of Level Three Certification without Forks. $99 Click here.

Cost of Level Three Certification with weighted OM tuning Fork Set is $129 plus $13.99 postage. Click here.


CANADA-ALL three levels with tuning forks

Cost: $359.00 plus $48 priority. 


Please Note--Email me for postage to ship order to your country before you place your order 

Become a Vibrational Reiki™ Practitioner

Vibrational Reiki™ Manual

Not interested in certification at this time? You can still purchase the Vibrational Reiki level one manual for only $24.99 plus $5.99 postage by click on the button below.

Student Comments

Hi Francine 

I really find this course exceptional . I find it very well made .
The best I have seen by far. I love the pictures of hand placement and for what area to treat, and why .  




2018 Prices for Instructors

When you are ready to teach your own classes, I have the following prices available to you. An invoice will be sent to you when you make your request to FrancineMilford@cs.com to verify your certification.

Books will be $10 each level plus postage
8pc Student sets with hockey pucks are $52 plus postage
Genesis fork is $15  plus postage
Weighted Om tuning fork is $29.99 plus postage
Send me your requests and I will total up the order, with postage, and send you an invoice.
Send to: FrancineMilford@cs.com





Vibrational Reiki Practitioner List

            Below is a list of VB practitioners who have requested to be listed on this webpage.


Jacqueline Resto Alpaugh

Michelle Fields, holisticavenue@gmail.com

Stella Joly, jolystella@gmail.com

Teresa Krautkramer, tlkraut@hotmail.com      262-675-2756

Mizue Miks,  miksrat@yahoo.com             540-808-3479

Patricia Morris, pmorris1274@yahoo.com,

Deborah Nardi

Eric Oldwolfe, belgarath2012@gmail.com>

Joanna Ratanatharathorn, JThorn@operamail.com    734-761-6490

Suzanne Rockenbach, ruisue76@hotmail.com>

Angela Serrano, serranoa@frontier.com                       570-269-5282

Christine Wurst

Ulanda Kay-Coleman ukaycole@yahoo.ca

Lori Weber

Jacqueline Fernandes

Ginny Poole ginnypaz.gp@gmail.com

Angela Serrano, serranoa@frontier.com, 570-269-5282

Arrezu Zandieh, arikarazand@gmail.com

Teresa Krautkramer, tlkraut@hotmail.com,  262-675-2756

Michele Royal



Daniel Hotte, gps-dan@hotmail.com

Ginette Lafontaine, arc-en-ciel1@hotmail.ca. 819-827-2187



JeongHyun Seong, neria333@naver.com,   +82 01028268986



Faith Lahey-McCoy, faithmccoy73@gmail.com