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NCBTMB and Fl. Massage Ce Classes 2019


Please do NOT wear perfumes or scented aromas to class due to my allergies.

ALL ce’s will be posted within 24 hours after completion of class.


(please note that you may divide up a 2-day class and take them in different months-but-you must pay for it ahead of time and you must take both to receive your  ce's)

Tuning Fork TherapyŽ, Level One Certification


     In the Level One Tuning Fork Therapy® Practitioner course, students will be introduced to the scientific basis of Sound Therapy, the Chakra System, and how to use Tuning Forks to elicit specific responses in the body.

     For the massage therapist and Bodyworker who take this course, they can expect to learn a variety of techniques and methods of using tuning forks and sound in their regular client sessions to facilitate and enhance their current programs.

     This course will supply therapists and Bodyworkers with one more tool that they can use to help their clients recover from a variety of disharmonies within their bodies whether they are caused physically, mentally or spiritually. Therapists and Bodyworkers will learn how to use tuning forks to help reduce pain, stress and tension in the tissues and organs of the body. The use of      Sound Therapy can help the cells of the body to regenerate and promote recovery from injuries, illness, disease and depression. Sound Therapy can help maintain a state of inner balance and wellness for both the client, as well as, for the therapist.     


    By incorporating Tuning Fork Therapy® techniques into their practice, therapists will work not only on the physical body through muscle manipulation, but they will also work energetically to affect long term results for their clients. In this course we will also cover client data collection and assessment and evaluations.



     Participation in this course will provide an opportunity to explore issues that directly affect therapists and Bodyworkers such as body alignment, hand positioning, grounding and centering techniques that will enable therapists and Bodyworkers to maintain a state of balance and harmony. The course will cover methods and techniques that the therapists and Bodyworkers may use for self-care, as well as, protocols for specific ailments or illnesses.

     Level One will include using tuning forks in meditation, toning, double toning, and to balance the energy systems of the body.

     Students will learn muscle testing techniques and methods and techniques of how to use tuning forks in a healing session with a client. Included is a section on protocols for specific ailments.

     Each student will receive an eight piece fork set of the Student Harmonic in a velvet case along with a black hockey puck.


     The Tuning Fork Therapy® level one manual, and a video so that students will be able to follow along with the instructor. The CD was added to the course for those students who needed to see how specific techniques were performed in addition to reading the information in the book and seeing the diagrams in the book.

     For those students who cannot open the CD on their computer, the videos have been put up on the website,  http://www.youtube.com/ which are easily accessible on a computer at the local library.  Students in the Distance Learning course will be given a 100 points test to ensure that the student understands and can relate the information they have learned. Students will also be required to perform case studies and follow ups on several clients to ensure that they are able to use the knowledge received in a gainful and positive way. Each case study must be carefully documented and verified. 

What a student will receive:

* 8 piece basic beginner Harmonic tuning fork set in a velvet storage pouch

* A black hockey puck

* The Tuning Fork Therapy® Level One Book

* One Instructional Dvd demonstrating techniques by Instructor, Francine Milford.

* Certificate of Achievement, Tuning Fork Therapy® Practitioner registration number, and an official Level One Tuning Fork Therapy® Practitioner certification certificate.

Work at your own pace. There is no time limit in completing the assignments, case studies, and 100 question exam that is included in this course.

Cost of Home Study course: $ 299.00 plus $ 13.99 postage inside of the United States.



Cost of Home Study Course: $299 plus $69 for postage outside of the United States


Francine Milford
Venice, FL. 34293












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Comments from Students

"Very relaxing for the giver too" L.D.

"Done so well, everything was complete" J.G.

"Interesting and fun to learn. I am looking forward to second level" P.H.

"The Tree Grounding Technique is something I do everyday. I find it really settles me and I do not like starting my day without it" G.K.


"I am so excited!!! I cannot tell you how many times I have taken CEU's to be disappointed as a total waste of my time and $$.  Let me just say, that I am a total believer!  I'm contemplating teaching in this area if possible.  The amazing results with pain reduction have left me speechless (and that's hard to do!)" A.L.


"Thank you. This was worth my time & money investment. What I lhave learned from doing this has helped me to conntinue to heal. I look forward to using it as part of my practice. Thank you for sharing your gifts & your time for putting this together," K.S.


Hello!  Since Stephen picked up my course materials a littlle less than 3 weeks ago, I have beenthoroughly enjoying my entrance into this amazing field!  I am deeply gratified to say that I have alreadyachieved some small successes, involving the healing and/or improvement  of an ear infection, a respiratory infection and a sinus infection.  A wonderful and satisfying experience.......I know there is so much more to learn and discover on this journey, and I look forward to it immensely.Thanks very much for your help! J.  


Your manual is well written, follows a logical order of presentation and
makes learning Tuning Fork Therapy fun. Well done!!!


The International Association of Sound Therapy