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Planetary tuning fork sets & Certification

Tuning Fork Therapy®: Planetary Tuning Fork Book is chock full of information on how to use your Planetary tuning forks. Included are all the planets including Pluto, the Sun and the Moon.

11" x 8 1/2" paperback book contains 80 pages of double columns of information.

Everything you wanted to learn and more about your tuning fork set.



You will also receive the planet emanuals listed to the right of this page for FREE with purchase of the TFT Planetary Certifcation.

The emanuals help to give you more information on the planets.

Cost for printed Planet Book is only $25 in print plus $4.99 postage inside of the United States Only!


Cost of TFT Planetary Certification which includes attunements and 9 emanuals (TFT Planet emanual and the 8 emanuals listed to the right of the page which will be included free of charge).

Cost of Certifciation for the TFT Planetary course is $150 and the link is shown at the bottom of the page.

11 pc Planetary Tuning Fork Set-India

I also sell an 11 piece premium set from India with frequencies approximately 1/2 of those listed on Biosonics tuning forks. This set will work just like the Biosonics set but cost less.


Sun 126.22 Hz
Mercury 141.27 Hz
Venus 221.23 Hz
Earth 194.1 Hz
Moon 210.42 Hz
Mars 144.72 Hz
Jupiter 183.58 Hz
Saturn 147.85 Hz
Neptune 211.44 Hz
Uranus 207.36 Hz
Pluto 140.26 Hz.




Cost of 11 pc. set of Planetary Forks ONLY is $169.99 plus $13.99 postage in United States.


11 pc Planetary Tuning Fork Set-Biosonics

11 piece set from Biosonics.

Made in the United States


(The following information was taken from the Biosonics website)
Aligning to the energy of specific planets, the Planetary Tuners activate those qualities by creating a sympathetic resonance between the planets and yourself. By consciously directing the energy of each planet for healing and well-being, the Planetary Tuners brings new dimensions to your Astrology readings, enhance bodywork and acupuncture sessions, or use for personal meditation and growth.
This product is a set of 11 unweighted Planetary tuners with a sky blue pouch.

Direct the energy of each planet
Healing and well-being
Enhanced Astrology readings, bodywork and acupuncture sessions
Personal meditation and growth

The Planetary Tuners work through creating a sympathetic resonance between the planets and yourself, thus amplifying the effects of each planet in your live. Each Planetary tuner is tuned to the frequency of a different planet and activates the different astrological qualities associated with that planet when played.

Sun: Enhances sense of strength and motivation, self-identity, vitality and radiance and promotes enthusiasm, assertiveness, and determination.

Moon: Promotes emotional tranquility, softness, intuition, enhances feelings and the feminine, and a flowing flexibility with life. 

Earth: Enhances deep security and safety of Mother Earth, the cosmic sound OM, and an ability to be grounded and centered.

Mercury: Enhances ability to cooperate through understanding and sharpens communication skills through reason, writing and speaking with confidence.

Venus: Enhances ability to feel and have love and close relationships with others, sense of creativity and artistry, ability to receive and share, increases our love of pleasure, harmony and self-appreciation.

Mars: Enhances strength and desire, motivates action, brings out decision making abilities and assertiveness, gives courage and strengthens sexual nature.

Jupiter: Enhances openness, trust, optimism, good fortune, and brings out a jovial spirit of laughter. Allows one to be receptive to grace and the adventure in life.

Saturn: Enhances ability to be disciplined and set limits with our self and others. Helps be more structured and organized and take responsibility for completing important tasks.

Uranus: Enhances ability to make life changes through inspiration and insight and freedom of expression without self-imposed limitations.

Neptune: Enhances spiritual experiences and brings out ability to be compassionate and open to surrendering to creativity. Helps get in touch with and support the dream life, artistic nature, music, art, dance and creativity.

Pluto: Enhances ability to face our deepest secrets and bring light to the darkness. Through the energetic forces of Pluto, you can let go of old patterns and bring about a rebirth in consciousness.
Sun 252.44 Hz
Mercury 282.54 Hz
Venus 442.46 Hz
Earth 272.2 Hz
Moon 420.88 Hz
Mars 289.44 Hz
Jupiter 367.16 Hz
Saturn 295.7 Hz
Neptune 422.88 Hz
Uranus 414.72 Hz
Pluto 280.5 Hz.


Cost of 11 pc. set of Planetary Forks ONLY is $269.99 plus $12.99 postage in United States.


Planetary Manuals included


Learn more about each of the planets listed in the book by ordering specific emanuals and attunements listed below. Each emanual contains additional information on the specific planet along with symbols that you can use to enhance the healing process.

All manuals, attunement and certificate will be emailed to you.













TFT Planetary Certification


Order your TFT Planetary Certification for only $150.00.


All additional emanuals, attunement and certificates will be emailed to you.


The 8 emanuals are all self-attunements and are offered free along with the TFT Planetary Certification.


The attunement process for the TFT Planetary Certiication will be sent to you after the attunement has been given.


The entire package of attunements AND 1 ebook book (without tuning forks) is $150.00: Tuning Forks are extra.