Holistic Aromatherapy Certification Course-Levels I and II

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Welcome to Aroma~Care™



     Aroma~Care™ is a series of instructional booklets on a variety of uses for essential oils.

     "Aromatherapy" comes from two words, 'Aroma' which means scent and 'Therapy' referring to the treatment of a physical or mental condition. Together, the word 'Aromatherapy' means treating a physical or mental condition using scent.

      The scents that are used in this modality comes from essential oils. Essential oils are derived from plants that have been valued for their therapeutic properties for more than 5,000 years.

     In Aroma~Care™: Pet Aromatherapy, we discover ways to use essential oils in helping our pets cope with their environment in a natural way.

     Included are recipes to help pets who are suffering from arthritis, colds, fleas and even bad breath.

     Just like in humans, essential oils can also be used to relieve anxiety and fear in pets who have been through a traumatic event.

      Learn how to add essential oils to shampoos, powders, sprays and even toothpaste.

    When used properly, essential oils should produce no harmful side effects. Seek professional advice before beginning any form of self treatment for you or your pet.



For free recipes, formulas, blends and more...visit the main website at www.AromaCareBooks.com



Aroma~Care ™: Pet Aromatherapy

Aroma~Care ™: Pet Aromatherapy

In this book you will receive recipes to create natural pet sprays, pest powders, dental care pastes, flea shampoo, cat collar, pet bath time recipes, bad breath recipes, ear problems and more.

Only $12.00 plus $4.99 postage

Aroma~Care™: Make your own Magical Blend

Aroma~Care™: Make your own Magical Blend book

In this book you will learn the basic guidlines for using oils and blending your own personal formula. You will also be instructed in how to choose your carrier oil and essential oil for the perfect blend.

This book contains a sample list of essential oils for the Zodiac and the Planets. So go ahead and create a blend to bring in healing, or even one to create cash flow. The possibilities are endless!

Only $12.00 plus $4.99 postage

Aroma~Care™: Make your own Perfume

Aroma~Care™: Make your own Perfume

In this book you will discover how to create your very own signature blend at well below market prices. Make a perfume blend that suits your personality or even your Zodiac sign.

There are some sample blends of perfumes just to get you started along with making floral water and perfumed body oil.

Only $12.00 plus $4.99 postage

Holistic Aromatherapy Certification Course-Levels I and II


250 hour course


Two Courses for a total of 250 hours of Professional Training.

*After successful completion of these two courses, you may sit for the Registered Aromatherapist (RA) national exam.


Aromatherapy Certifications: We are a NAHA Level 1 & 2 Approved School offering Holistic and Professional Certification Programs. Open enrollment to match your schedule. We offer your choice of either a Home Study Course where you will receive your manual, DVD, and dried Calendular leaves delivered directory to your home or place of business-or-You can take the entire course online (sorry-no dried calendula leaves included in this option) but you do save money. 


Course I: Introduction to Holistic Aromatherapy Certifcation - 50 hours - $150 (EMAIL ONLY)

Course I: Introduction to Holistic Aromatherapy Certifcation - 50 hours - $199 + $13.99 postage (HOME STUDY ONLY)


Course II: Advanced Holistic Aromatherapy Certification - 200 hours -$150 (EMAIL ONLY-for my level I students only)

Course II: Advanced Holistic Aromatherapy Certification - 200 hours -$199 + $13.99 postage (HOME STUDY ONLY-for my level I students only)


Courses follow the standards and suggestions on the National Association of Holistic Aromatherapy (NAHA).


All brand new and up dated information.


Discover how you can have an exciting career in Aromatherapy


Course includes manual, CD/DVD. assignments and final exam.


Essential oils are NOT included in this course but is available for an additional fee. As prices change with availability, contact TFtherapy@cs.com for current prices of oils and accessories.


Students will have to complete the following for certification:

5-10 page research paper

10 case studies and follow-ups

Final Blend creation

Final Level Test

***You will also receive an instructional CD or DVD to watch and follow along.

*****As an added bonus and for a limited time-you will also receive a bag of dried calendula and an instructional CD or DVD with instructions on how to make your own Calendula oil. ALL FREE!


HOME STUDY- Introduction to Holistic Aromatherapy Level One Certification Home Study ONLY for $199 plus $13.99 postage here:



EMAIL-Introduction to Holistic Aromatherapy Level One Certification-ONLINE ONLY for $150: You will receive your manual and tests by email and a private link for you to watch the video. Sorry, no dried calendula leaves will be mailed to you.



*You MUST complete Level One Certification before purchasing Level Two.



These two courses have met the standards and guidelines as set out by NAHA (National Association of Holistic Aromatherapy).



NAHA Level Two: Professional Aromatherapy Certification


Now 200 hours


1. Required Standards of Education/Training
1.1 Schools and Educators wishing to comply with NAHA’s Standards of Aromatherapy Training must provide a minimum of two hundred (200) hours of training and practical tuition in the fields of aromatherapy and essential oil studies and anatomy and physiology.
1.2 According to the standards approved and adopted by the Council, Aromatherapy and Essential oil studies should comprise of the following core curriculum requirements:


  • History and Modern Development
  • The basics of botany (specifically taxonomy)
  • Properties of essential oils within a holistic and clinical framework
  • Methods of extraction
  • Organic chemistry
  • Carrier oils
  • Blending techniques
  • Methods of application
  • Safety and Aromatherapy (including dermal, respiratory and internal use)
  • Consultation and client education program design
  • The basics of business development
  • Legal and ethical issues (include a copy of the NAHA Code of Ethics for students)




The following systems to be covered in depth:

  • The Respiratory System
  • The Olfactory System
  • The Integumentary System
  • The Circulatory System
  • The Reproductive System
  • The Musculoskeletal System
  • The Lymphatic/Immune System
  • The Endocrine and Nervous System
  • The Urinary System
  • The Digestive System



Graduating students should be knowledgeable in the structure and function of all the major systems of the human body, together with the clinical science of at least five (5) common ailments of each system. Students entering an aromatherapy program with a degree in health related fields (E.g. nurses, massage therapists, doctors) may test out or be exempt from the anatomy and physiology section only in relation to that part of the training which goes over the structure and function of each system. Pre-existing health professionals are still required to complete training in the application of essential oils to each system and the effect of essential oils on a variety of common ailments. Any exemption of the anatomy and physiology portion of training should only be allowed when the request for exemption is fully supported by relevant documentation.



2. Required elements for student graduation based upon approved standards in aromatherapy education
2.1.1 Student must complete a 5-10 page research paper.
2.1.2 Student must complete a minimum of 10 case histories.
2.1.3 Student must sit and pass examination offered by school.
2.1.4 Student must study a minimum of 25-30 essential oil profiles in addition to required Level I essential oils


HOME STUDY-Advanced Holistic Aromatherapy Level Two Certification. Cost $199 plus $13.99 US postage.



EMAIL ONLY-Advanced Holistic Aromatherapy Level Two Certification-ONLINE ONLY for $150: You will receive your manual and tests by email and a private link for you to watch the video.



For a more rounded education, continue your training to earn a diploma as listed below:


NOTE: ALL forks, courses, certifications and books are non refundable.

However, should a fork arrive damaged, return immediately for a prompt replacement. Do NOT wait more than two weeks after delivery to return defective merchandise as I will not honor the request.







Student Comments


Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I learned so much and have so much to learn. See you in part II.
R.M  on Tuesday, May 28, 2019