Tuning Fork TherapyŽ

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If you don't see your question answered here, please contact me at FrancineMilford@cs.com


1. Who developed Tuning Fork Therapy®?

Tuning Fork Therapy® was developed by Francine Milford, L.M.T. in the late 1990s. The first book available to the public appeared on the market in 2000. Francine is the owner of the Reiki Center of Venice where she teaches alternative therapies and offers a variety of classes and workshops.

Francine has written many articles and books on sound therapy and how to use tuning forks for a variety of health concerns. She has been a musician for more than 40 years, learning and understanding the power of music at an early age.

Francine has earned six certifications in the fitness industry, more than 40 master certifications in Reiki, and nearly 100 certifications in energy work. Francine is also a continuing education provider for NCBTMB, Florida Massaage, Florida Athletic Trainers Association and BOC.


2. What is Tuning Fork Therapy®?

Tuning Fork Therapy® is a series of books, techniques, processes and certifications that deal with different ways you can use tuning forks to enhance the healing session.

To date, there are seven levels of certification and ten additional books in using tuning forks available.

Each level of training and certification builds on the knowledge that you gain from the level before it.


3. What does Tuning Fork Therapy® Certification cost?

The cost for the Tuning Fork Therapy® Level One for NCBTMB ce's and 8 Fl. massage ceu's costs $299 plus $12.99 for postage and handling.


4. What if I already have the book and/or tuning forks?

If you have already ordered the book and/or the tuning forks from me-you will be able to deduct the cost of the book and forks from the price of the long distant course.

If you have purchased the book from another source you can deduct $10 from the cost of the certification. If you already have the EXACT tuning forks with the EXACT frequencies that I use in my certification, then you will be able to deduct a portion of that amount from the cost of the class. (This is usually $30).

The following is the amount you can deduct from the cost of the long distant training for material you already have:

  • Level One-8pc beginner set-$30
  • Level Two-OM tuning fork-$25
  • Level Three-3pc. Angel tuning fork set-$40
  • Level Four-Genesis tuning forks-$15
  • Level Five-128 Hz.-$15
  • Level Six-Adjustable Tuning Fork-$20
  • Level Seven-64 HZ-$25

NOTE*-If you purchased any of the above tuning forks from me then you will be able to deduct the price that you paid on your receipt (less postage). I keep copies of all orders so if you are unsure, I will be able to find your purchase quickly.


5. What happens when I finish the first level?

When you successfully finish the first level of training, you will receive a certificate with you own personal registration number on it. This is the number that will appear on all your correspondence with this organization. This registration number will also entitle you to 5% off all future tuning fork purchases from this website.

As a registered and certified Tuning Fork Therapy® practitioner, you will be able to advertise and teach your own students.  You will also be able to include your information and website or email on the official website for Tuning Fork Therapy®.


6. How do I go about teaching my own students?

After you have successfully completed your first level of training, you are free to train other students in this wonderful healing art.

There is only one requirement-YOU MUST BUY ALL of you future kits from this website.

What that means is this, I will supply you with a student kit that contain the tuning forks, book, handouts and certificate with the student's own personal registration number on it. These kits are at cost so I am NOT making any money on them. The prices of the kits flunctuate as my costs go up or down on them. Generally speaking, these kits run around $45-$69.99 depending upon the level of training and they come complete with everything you need to teach your own classes. It is a bargain!


Please Note: You can NOT teach these courses through long distant training. Only I can do that.