Tuning Fork TherapyŽ offers the Fibonnaci tuning fork set

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About the Fibonacci 8pc tuning fork set

 This 8pc Fibonacci Tuning Fork Set comes in a golden velvet case (used to come in a golden velvet case-that case is now blue). These forks are labeled based on the Fibonacci number sequence series. Use them alone or together to create wonderful overtones that you can use to connect with the Universal Energy Field.

Made in the U.S. by Biosonics

This 8pc set contains the following tuning fork frequencies:









 Set includes a FREE mallet.

Cost of set is $159.99 + $13.99 for shipment inside of the United States

(PLease note that sometimes the color of the cover changes-but they are still the same forks from the same manufacturer).


Please Note--Email me for postage to ship order to your country before you place your order