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8pc Chakra/Planetary Tuning Fork Sets



All frequencies are stamped on the tuning forks and the planets listed on the other side.


Premium set includes 8 tuning forks in the following frequencies:


1-Root - 194.18Hz - Earth Day

2-Sacral - 210.42Hz - The Synodic Moon

3-Solar Plexus - 126.22Hz - The Sun

4-Heart - 136.10Hz - The Earth Year

5-Throat - 141.27Hz - Mercury

6-Third Eye - 221.23Hz - Venus

7-Crown - 172.06Hz - The Platonic Year

8-Soul Purpose - 272.20Hz



Forks come in a red velveteen case

For pricing information contact clare@charitydiy.org



Chakra Balls

Set of 8 Chakra Colored Balls to put on the ends of your round tuning forks.

Please contact clare@charitydiy.org for pricing


For specific questions, email me at: