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Color Therapy Certification

Color Therapy is the use of color to affect the body and its energy system in a way as to bring it back into balance. We all know how color can affect us. Have you ever walked into a room and either hated, loved or were drawn into the room due to the color on the wall?

Studies on the effect of the use of colors on the wall have been down in prisons and hospitals. While it was found that shades of red made prisoners more agitated and aggressive, colors such as blue were found to be more calming and peaceful.


Choose between two certifications:

  1. Color Therapy Practitioner Certification
  2. Tuning Fork Therapy® Practitioner Certification

Color Therapy for Energy Workers


Information on Certification

For this certification, I will teach you how to use color therapy on clients to help elicit the body's natural response to healing. With my knowledge of color therapy, I have been able to use color as a separate modality, or I can combine it with the other modalities such as Reiki, tuning forks, crystals, and more...

For this course, I will show you how to smoothe out overactive chakras with color and how to activate and enhance underactive chakras with the use of color.


What you will receive with this certification: Large manual, CD for the computer, certificate.


Cost of Home Study Course: $99 plus $13.99 U.S. Postage.

NOTE: You MUST supply your own colored cloths.



EMAIL COURSE: Don't need printed material, forks, or CD? Then order this certification through email only: $75



Tuning Fork TherapyŽ Color Practitioner

Become a Tuning Fork Therapy® Color Practitioner


Yes, you combine the wonderful healing properties of color therapy with tuning forks to create an awesome healing experience for yourself and your clients.

This course includes an easy to follow book and a CD with little short videos on how to perform some of the techniques listed in the book.

Discover which colors to use to enhance and aide in healing of a variety of ailments in the body. A chapter of protocols will help to take the quesswork out of what color or colors to use in a session.


NOTE: To complete the course you will need to purchase, or have on hand, for yourself the 8pc. basic set of Harmonic tuning forks, a white sheet and 11 pieces of different colored fabric. These are NOT included in the price listed below.



Cost of the certification (without products) is only $99 plus $13.99 postage inside of the United States.


This includes the book, and a 'How To' cd for the computer, and certificate.










If you would like the KIT which includes the book, the forks (8pc. economy beginner Harmonic set), a black hockey puck, and a 'How To' CD, and certificate, the cost is $149 plus $13.99 postage inside of the United States.








TFT COLOR CERTIFICATION EMAILED TO YOU. No printed material, no forks, not CD.

Cost: $75



Student Harmonic Set

You MUST use a Student Harmonic set to complete this course. You can purchase the set here.

Cost is $59.99 plus $13.99 postage inside of the United States

You MUST use a Student Harmonic set to complete this course. You can purchase the set here.

Cost is $59.99 plus $13.99 postage inside of the United States



Below is a fun chart of what color to wear and why. This was shared on Facebook and I am sharing it now with you. Enjoy!