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About the Adjustable Tuning Fork

The adjustable tuning fork is a convenient and affordable way to begin your sound therapy journey. Simple unscrew the black plastic screws located on either side of the tuning fork and slide the 'weight' to the line of the frequency that you want. (This means that you will place the weight on the line BELOW the letter that you want to use. You should be able to see the letter of the frequency that you want). Then, tighten the black plastic screw and that is it!

You can achieve the 240 frequency by removing both of the weights together. This would be the letter B then.

This tuning fork has the same quality as those in the Harmonic tuning fork set.

Each line is clearly labeled.


Cost: $ 22.99 plus $ 6.99 postage and handling for U.S. delivery only.



(To order the adjustable tuning fork WITH a hockey puck click link below)

Cost: $24.99 plus $6.99 postage and handling for U.S. delivery only.



(To order the adjustable tuning fork WITH a large wooden mallet click link below)

Cost: $24.99 plus $6.99 postage and handling for U.S. delivery only.


The Adjustable Tuning Fork

(This tuning fork is included in the Tuning Fork Therapy® Level Six Certification)

Please Note--I will NOT ship products outside of the United States with totals less than $200. If you want to place a large order, contact me first at TFtherapy@cs.com. If you insist on ordering anyway, your money will be refunded to you LESS the fees paypal charges me for the refund.






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Frequencies of the Adjustable Tuning Fork

C-128 Hz

D-144 Hz

E-160 Hz

F-170.7 Hz

G-192 Hz

A-213.3 Hz

B -240 Hz



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